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Solar Energy Systems

Solar Energy Systems
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Solar Water Heater

At ECS, we always encourage our customers to invest in solar water heating before solar electric systems. Focusing on solar water heating allows us to put the sun to work where it is most efficient – generating heat. In fact, a $7,000 solar water heating system in Florida will generate the same amount of energy as a $25,000 solar electric system! The annual savings and return on investment are guaranteed to beat any other investment you can make.


Solar Electric

  • PV System Design – Based on the feasibility analysis, we will design a solar energy system to meet your financial and energy needs.
  • Financial Incentives & Analysis – Solar energy is heavily subsidized by rebates, tax credits/grants, accelerated depreciated, & other financial incentives. We will help you with all the application paperwork to obtain the maximum incentives possible.
  • Solar Installation – Once we have signed a contract, we will coordinate with building/permit departments, utility companies, homeowners associations, and code enforcement officials to ensure a smooth installation.

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Solar Pool Heating

If you are like most pool owners today, you rarely get to enjoy your pool. You spend money maintaining your pool year round but only get to enjoy it during the hottest months of the year. Now you can afford to make your pool a warm and friendly place by tripling your swimming season. At ECS, solar pool heating is our specialty. Since 1977, we have installed thousands of residential and commercial pool heating systems in Florida alone. Let ECS turn your pool into a backyard fun center with a temperature controlled solar heating system! Remember – a heated pool is a used pool!

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